Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Dog Ate It

Old animal-hide glue is the tastiest doggie treat ever! The family pet had chewed this spine thoroughly before his owner discovered the damage. It’s a good thing we love our pets. Saliva is a highly-effective solvent, so the spine was well cleaned at that spot. David Lanning of Hewit Leather helped me choose just the right piece for these covers.

Monday, March 2, 2015

In a February Mood - Sam Adams Beer Lovers Album

In a February mood, I made a Sam Adams Beer Lover’s Album because I love the artwork and enjoyed the beer. I used “Cold Snap” for the front cover and “Escape Route” for the back. The custom box is covered in white Sturdite and navy bonded leather, inset with the Sam Adams artwork. I just got off the phone with Kris, who said it made her smile when she opened the box and saw the book inside. Those Boston folks have had a long hard winter, and a pleasant surprise and a smile is what I’d hoped to give them whether my marketing idea goes anywhere or not.