Sunday, July 30, 2017

Flower Guide

The Bird Guide repair (November 2016 post) met with approval when it was shown to the owner's family at Thanksgiving last year. So its companion book, the Flower Guide, came to me for repair this year from the brother of the Bird Guide owner. The cover was completely gone, but an online image yielded a photo inset for the cover and the custom-fitted box. I enjoyed working on this project.

Monday, July 17, 2017

The Lord's Prayer in 500 Languages

Closeup of one of the multi-alphabet pages. Contemporary reviews called the book a masterpiece of the typographer’s art.

An amazing book will leap off the shelf at me no matter how drab the binding. In fact, I look for temporary and homemade bindings because that’s how the treasures are disguised. While shelving in the Religion section at Wonder Book last month, I happened upon a worn and broken cover from an office-supply store that held browning photocopies of “The Lord’s Prayer in 500 Languages.” The book, printed in 1905, contains myriad languages and alphabets, faithfully reproduced. Immediately I knew it would become a wedding gift to a newly-married couple who will be translating the Scriptures into languages that don't yet have written alphabets. I downloaded the missing title page, prologue, and Table of Contents from Google’s digital archive. After recopying the pages onto better paper and trimming them, I bound them with Indian marble paper and a leather spine. The gift is now in the hands of newlyweds who love it and will make good use of it.

Browned photocopies, beat-up old binder--just what I like. Possibilities abound.

The box protects and complements the binding.

Leftover bits and pieces enhance the box cover.

Initial concept: new paper, deciding the trim size.