Friday, February 24, 2017

An Ageless Lock of Hair

I accept and appreciate my gray hair, which proves useful when trying to stuff an overloaded carryon into a plane's luggage rack. (Thank you, helpful young guys!) Yet when hair is clipped, it doesn't change color, I have discovered from locks of hair in Bibles. Once I found a curl of blond hair in a folded tissue, labeled: "Billy Boy Hairs July 19, 1926." Here it was, still little-boy blond 90 years later. Usually, however, the clippings are pressed without any information, such as this mysterious one. I am guessing it belonged to a woman, but I'll never know. Who stored it, and why? A husband, a lover? A bereaved mother? It's in Revelation--is that significant? Mysteries lost to time and distance.

My first reaction when I saw this was, "Ewww." But it does lead to questions that might make a good story. 

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