Monday, November 16, 2015

Seeing Sycamores

For 25 years, my husband and I have enjoyed walking along, or canoeing on, the Potomac river. I must have seen sycamore trees every time. Yet, until I chose Leaning Sycamores for my binding project, I never really noticed them. Delving into the book has helped me see sycamores in all their variety and beauty. Here's another tree from yesterday's walk. And Darryl, with the Catoctin Aqueduct in the background. The Park has placed markers that describe the restoration of the aqueduct. Businesses and individuals sponsored reclamation of fallen and damaged stones, which were then put back into their original locations. I found parallels to bookbinding and conservation, of course. Now, back to the Bible I am repairing.

Another unique camouflage pattern, with stark shadows cast by late-afternoon sunlight.

Darryl, with the Catoctin aqueduct in the background. My camera battery died so I could not photograph the restored aqueduct up close.

This is the underside of the tree.

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  1. the trees really are unusual and beautiful. They do look like camo!