Monday, June 30, 2014

Decoupage to the Rescue

      I hope this post won't get me excommunicated from the bookbinding community.
      This late-1800s family Bible had been relegated to the front porch. The pages were in remarkably fine condition, but the front cover and spine had cupped and cracked like a drought-parched lake bed. They were no longer leather but a brittle, flaking carapace. A bookbinder whose opinion I respect confirmed that the cover was ruined.
    I emailed the owners and asked their permission to decoupage it. The owner responded:
     “Thanks for the update.  As I said, the primary goal is to permit the book to be opened and closed without continued flaking of what remains. I think the decoupage on what is considered to be a lost cause is worth a shot- it can only prolong the life. Please give this method a try and see where it takes you and we'll hope for the best!”
     I removed the bottom section of spine and tried the process on it before committing to decoupage for the rest of the cover and spine. 
      They took possession of their restored Bible a couple of days ago and were happy with the result!