Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Civil War Bible

The back cover was missing from this Civil War Bible. I couldn’t replicate the cover pattern, but I could keep the soft, old “feel” of this precious little book. I hand-dyed linen fabric by immersing it in Rit dye in boiling water and stirring the fabric in a saucepan on the stove, the way my mother used to do. 

The notice on the inside front pastedown reads:
Bible House, Baltimore

                  _____________ 186__

            From the Maryland State Bible Society

To _______________________, Soldier in the
___ Regiment, Company ____ of __________
________________, Volunteers.
         Should I die on the battle field or in
Hospital, for the sake of humanity, acquaint
_____________ residing _________________
of the fact, and where my remains may be found.

I suggested a box to protect and display this Bible, and the client requested blue and gray. I have made another box for myself, for a similar Bible. I may try to sell my set at Middletown’s Heritage Day celebration in September. There are reminders of the Civil War everywhere around here.

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