Wednesday, May 4, 2011

12 Rules For Bookbinders

I'm still working on the Heritage Society Bibles, a project that has had numerous interruptions. For now, here's a text-only post.


1. First, do no harm.
2. If you meet resistance, find out why.
3. It's better to have a good mend than a bad match.
4. If you get tense or stressed, take a break and tidy your work area.
5. Food and drink nourish body and soul, but they don't belong in your workspace.
6. Don't overdo. "A little more" can be too much.
7. Don't panic. When you make a mistake, nobody dies.
8. Build reversibility into your process.
9. Charge what you're worth.
10. Find a mentor. Ask questions. Join a mentoring group.
11. Consider the value of your work and don't scrimp on the quality of your materials.
12. Reconnect with the joy.

(c) 2010 Tawn O'Connor with contributions from The Book Arts List