Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Heritage Day 2010

My husband Darryl, and my neighbor Barbara, helped me again this year. We answered questions, enjoyed the parade, and talked with people who stopped by while I sewed my demonstration textblock (Don Etherington's autobiography in unbound signatures). I set up a photo collage of the Bibles I am repairing for the Heritage Society and directed people to the Heritage Society building where one of the repaired Bibles was on display. The weather was good, unlike last year, when we got rained out at the end. We were on the shady side of the street and two food tents were nearby. We relaxed, hung out, took breaks to look at the rest of the exhibits and vendors up and down Main Street, and thoroughly enjoyed the day. It's because of Heritage Day that my book-repair business has its name, by the way. I needed a business name for the application last year, and Heritage Book and Bible Repair simply fits.

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